About me

Oren Penso is a Senior Member of Technical Staff who specializes in Cloud Native Applications at VMware his current role is Specialist Sales Engineer for Cloud-Native Apps offerings and ecosystem technologies.

Oren has more than 15 years of experience in infrastructure technologies working in senior positions in different system integrators and customers, he is also a part of the academic staff in the college for information security, responsible for lectures around the technology aspect of the CISO course.

Oren holds a BA degree in Business management, focused on marketing and technologies, and an MA in Business management focused on managing startups.

Personal Abilities:

A strategic IT Professional experienced in directing high-impact and transformational IT projects in multiple verticals.

Proven ability to rapidly align with mission-critical initiatives, envision enterprise-wide solutions, deploy cost-effective methods and engage high-performance teams to exceed expectations.

Highly successful in business enablement through designing of infrastructures that achieve competitive advantage and expediting decision making with business goals in mind.


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